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Every VE Board has rules in order to run efficiently.

These are very simple rules to follow, however they are strictly enforced.


    This is a vote for vote VE Board.  So if you're asking for one vote you must vote for each sites number one voting link.  If you're asking for two votes then give two, and so on.


    Please visit the other members sites so you know who you are voting for.  We do not condone blind voting.


      The Board is closed between 10pm and 12am EST for updates.





    Your website must have some content. It cannot be one page and/or just graphics and links to other sites.  That is not considered a website.


      A contact email must be listed on your website.  It may be in the form of text or linked to a graphic, or you may use an Email Form.


    Your website must NOT be under construction and/or have missing graphics and/or links.


    Your site may NOT contain adult material, foul language, pornography and/or links to pornographic sites.


    Blogs are not considered "Websites" and will not be accepted.


    NO "Commercial Sites, Web Competitions or Vote Exchange Boards" will be accepted for membership.


    NO "Password" or "Members Only" sites are allowed.  All pages must be viewable.


    All sites need to be in English or have an English mirror to them.


    If your under the age of 13 you must have your parents approval to join this VE Board.





    If you are found to be spamming you will be disqualified!


      Salem's Vampire Kitties VE Board has the right to suspend your membership should it be found that you have been bashing others.  Lack of respect towards members and/or fellow competitors, TL's and/or Owners of any Web Competition and/or VE Board will not be tolerated. It is imperative that respect be shown to all.


    If any site is found to be stealing bandwidth they will be disqualified!


    There is to be no stealing of others graphics and/or work. 


    If at any time you have been found to be lying about anything, your membership will be suspended immediately.


    Lying and/or stealing will not be tolerated.

    You will not be given a second chance and you will be banned from this VE Board.

    VE Boards and Web Comps work together to insure honest voting.






    You must have one of the Salem's Vampire Kitties Vote Exchange Board Banners on your website at all times in order to participate in this VE Board.  Please pick up a banner from the Banner Page and place the following link on the banner.


    If you do not have a VKVE linked banner on your website you will not be allowed to participate. It is required that you have a banner on each site you participate with.





    Monday through Thursday are mandatory voting days, in order to be considered an active member with the VE Board.   Voting Friday, weekends and holidays are optional.


    Therefore, when making note on the Voting Pages (Comps and Topsites) as to whether you voted or not, I will only record voting from Monday thru Thursday.


    In the event that you cannot or did not vote, you MUST notify me as to why.  You may do so by filling in the "Cannot Vote Notification" area on the Update Form.  If you experience a problem with the form you may email me directly.


    If you do not vote and have not informed me that you could not vote for a certain day, you will have a "Did Not Vote" icon listed above your website title for that day. That means that the other members do not have to vote for you the following day.

    If this continues for two (2) days your links will be removed until you contact me. If you do not vote a minimum of four (4) days in a given week, and haven't contacted me as to why, you will be given a warning.  If this continues the following week you will be removed from the VE Board.


    If at any time you have been found to be lying about voting you will not be given a second chance. Your membership will be suspended immediately, and you will be banned from the VE Board as lying will not be tolerated.





    When you finish voting you must sign the Forum saying that you have voted for that day, or you won't be credited for voting.  You must also indicate if you have voted "Comps, Topsites or Both". You do not have to sign the board separately for each.



      Hidden Pages:


    We do have "Hidden Pages".  Those pages will change from day to day.  If you do not find any of the "Hidden Pages" or only half of them during the course of a voting week, you will then be given a "Warning".  Should it continue through to the following week you will be removed from the VE Board.


    It is very important that those "Hidden Pages" be found.  Occasionally one may miss it for some reason or another, but that should rarely happen.  By not finding the "Hidden Pages" it appears that you didn't actually vote, otherwise the "Hidden Page" would have been found.



        Weekly Loyal Voter Awards:


    If you vote Monday thru Thursday and find all of the "Hidden Pages" you will qualify for Weekly Loyal Voter Award.  



      Monthly Loyal Voter Awards:


    In order to qualify for this award you must vote Monday thru Thursday of each week and find all of the "Hidden Pages" for the entire month.   At the end of the month you will then receive an award with your name on it. 


    Please note that if you take an LOA during the month you will not qualify for the Monthly Award.





    All Update Forms must be received no later than 5:00pm EST Sunday evening.  You must use the "Update Form".   Emails will not be accepted.   Only under certain circumstances will an email be accepted, and that would mainly be if the form isn't working.


    If you do not update your voting links, and have not contacted me you will be given a "Warning". If this continues the second week you shall be removed from the VE Board.


    When sending in your links, please double check them to make sure they are correct and that they go to the right Voting Page, whether it be comps or topsites.  Some Web Competitions close the last week of the month, so make sure that your Web Competition is open before submitting your Update Form. If I find something doesn't work it will be removed. Your links are your responsibility!



      Leave Of Absence:


    If you need an LOA you MUST email me to let me know.  You may do so by filling in the "Requesting Leave Of Absence" on the Update Form.  If for some reason you experience a problem with the form you may email me directly.  All LOA Requests must be received no later than 5:00pm EST Sunday evening.


    LOA . . . . 1 Week Only


    If you are in need of an LOA due to medical issues, personal and/or family issues, or computer problems, you may request an LOA, however, you must furnish a return date when making your request.


    Please note that when your given a one (1) week LOA, that doesn't mean you can take it for two (2) or three (3) weeks.


    ELOA . . . . 2 Weeks Only


    ELOA's will only be granted due to certain circumstances involving emergency medical issues, personal and/or family issues, or computer problems.  A return date must be furnished at the time of your request.


    Additional time may be granted due to the individuals circumstances, however a return date is required.


    If you however are unable to furnish a return date, it will then be necessary that you leave the VE Board.  You may reapply for membership when you are able to participate on a regular basis. 


    Please note that inactive members are not carried for undetermined amounts of time.




    When I send you an email asking a question it is imperative that I get a response. The email was sent to you for a good reason and the lack of responding shows lack of interest in the VE Board.  Not only that, but it's only common courteousy to reply. 
    Lack of communication with VKVE Management may lead to termination of your membership.





    You will receive a "Warning" if you break any of the rules.  If the rules continue to be broken the following week you will be removed from the VE Board.


    If you receive a "Warning" and then go on LOA, that warning shall remain in effect until you return.  Upon returning it will then carry over into the next week to see if the problem continues.

    Once removed from the VE Board you will have to wait two (2) weeks before you may reapply to rejoin.  If approved to rejoin, please know that you are here only on a trial basis.  Should circumstances arise where you are removed again, you will not be allowed back.




      Salem's Topsite List:


    It's not mandatory, but we would love for you to join our Topsite List.  Personalized graphic awards will be given to the top three winners at the end of the month.  The topsite will then be reset to "0" to start a new month.  Also, unlike many other topsites, we do give a Weekly Award.  One site is chosen at random each week for this award.




    Please abide by the rules of your Web Competitions.  Particularly concerning the use of VE Boards.


    In an attempt to make voting at VKVE as effortless as possible, we do not allow voting links to a members personal website pages. Only direct links to a Web Competition are permitted.  This enables our members to vote quickly and efficiently without having to scan personal website pages looking for particular voting banners.  Most of our members find searching for links to be time consuming and quite annoying.


    The following Web Competitions are presently known to have the "No Direct Link Policy" in effect, thus voting links will not be accepted for them:

    Little Dragon Castle



      Lastly, when you're ready to leave the board, please let me know. You may do so by filling in the "Request To Terminate Membership" on the Update Form .  If for some reason you experience a problem with the form you may email me directly.






      Salem's Vampire Kitties VE Board will not be held responsible for the content of our members websites.  We do try to monitor theses sites, but it's impossible to keep track of all of the pages and constant changes.


      Salem's Vampire Kitties VE Board has the right to refuse any website from participating without cause.


      Salem's Vampire Kitties VE Board reserves the right to revise the rules without prior notice.


      Salem's Vampire Kitties VE Board cannot be held responsible for any lost forms due to technical difficulties.





    If you would like to join us, simply fill in the form by clicking on the link below.


    We pride ourselves in having loyal and dedicated voters on our VE Board.

    Only serious minded voters need apply.


    If your in a Championship Tournament and only plan on staying for a week

    or so, then please choose another VE Board.




    By joining you are agreeing to these rules.


    Thank You,



Vampire Kitties True Vote Exchange Board
~ The very first Vote Exchange Board on the net! ~


10/24/54 - 05/14/06

In Memory Of Robert

VKTVE Founder



  Salem 2007 and Beyond

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