These rules apply both to Salem's Web Competition and Salem's Pet Photo Contest.


The following exceptions apply only to Salem's Pet Photo Contest.



A website for your pet is not required.


There will not be any cheering.


There will not be any Spirit Pages.






1)   Your website must have some content.  It cannot be one page and/or

just graphics and links to other sites.


2)   Your website must not be under construction and/or have missing

graphics and/or links.


3)   Sites must be family friendly.  No hate, bigotry or bashing of others

will be accepted. 

4)   No "Password" or "Members Only" sites are allowed.  All pages must be



5)   Blogs are not considered "Websites" and will not be accepted.


6)   No Commercial Sites, Web Competitions, Vote Exchange Boards, or

"Sites Recommending Other Web Competitions or any Vote Exchange Boards"

will be accepted.  We are not here to advertise for others.


7)   All sites need to be in English or have an English mirror to them.


8)   You may use a Guestbook of your choice, however it must accept html code.

Having a Guestbook on your website is a requirement.


9)   A contact email must be listed on your website.  It may be in the form of text

or linked to a graphic, or you may use an Email Form.


10)   You must have our linked banner on your site prior to approval.

This will be checked before your application is approved.

"Membership Banners"


11)   You may enter as many websites as you wish.


12)   If you are under 13 years of age you must have parental consent

before you can join in compliance with the COPPA Laws.  To protect

the confidentiality of each individual we only use first names or alias.

Email addresses are for correspondence and voting verification.

We do not distribute your information to outside concerns.


13)   No adult material may be on your site at any time.

14)   No Pornography or links to Pornographic sites are permitted

under any circumstances.


15)   Foul language may not be used at any time.






1)   You must have our linked banner on your site while participating.

This will be checked.  Should you not have a banner or it doesn't

have a link your site will be placed on "Hold" until the problem is resolved.


2)   Leave Of Absence (LOA) is permitted, however you must notify us in

advance.   LOA Requests must be submitted no later than

Sunday evening by 5PM EST.


Leave Of Absence = 1 Week

Extended Leave Of Absence = 2 Weeks


3)   Leave of Absence is not permitted in Semi-Finals and Finals Levels

nor the Championship.  Should you require an LOA during this time you

will be moved to Level 2 upon returning.


4)   Lack of communication with Management may lead to termination of

your membership.


5)   If you are found to be spamming you will be disqualified!


6)   If any site is found to be stealing bandwidth they will be disqualified!


7)   There is to be no stealing of others graphics/work.  If you would like to use

something that belongs to another person, please ask first.


8)   If at any time you have been found to be lying about anything, you will be

disqualified and your membership suspended.


9)   If you violate Rules 5, 6, 7 and/or 8, you will be banned from Salem's Web

Competition, as lying and/or stealing will not be tolerated.

You will not be given a second chance.






1)  Our voting schedule is from Monday through Thursday only.

Voting times are from 12:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST. 

Votes made between 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM will not be counted!


2)  Self-voting is required at all Levels and those "Self-Voting Requirements" are as follows:


Qualifying Level ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.


Level 1 ~ Must self-vote at least 3 days.

Level 2 ~ Must self-vote at least 3 days.

Level 3 ~ Must self-vote at least 3 days.


Semi-Finals ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.

Finals ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.


Championship ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.


You must self-vote the number of days required for your level

in order to qualify for advancement to the next level.


If you do not self-vote the required number of days you will not advance

regardless of the number of votes you have acquired and will  be moved to Level 1.

If you are presently in Level 1 you will then be moved to the Qualifying Level.


Lack of voting for an entire week will result in your returning to the Qualifying Level.


 If you cannot vote on a certain day please advise Management as

to why, otherwise you will be classified as an inactive member.


Lack of self-voting shows lack of interest in the competition.


Repeat offenses to this rule may result in your removal from the competition.


Please be sure to check your scores daily.  If you've cheered and/or self-voted and

have not received credit, contact Management immediately so that any necessary

adjustments can be made.  Don't wait until the end of the week to notify us, as the

scores will not be revised at such a late date.


3)  You may vote for as many websites as you wish each day using

a valid "personal email address".

Business and/or Web Competition email addresses are not accepted.

This is to help deter ballot stuffing.


 4)  Only one (1) vote per IP address per website will be accepted.

IP addresses are recorded and will be checked.

Additional votes from the same IP address for the same website

will be classified as ballot stuffing and will be deleted.


Should you have a family member who wishes to vote for you and shares the

same IP address, then you may contact us regarding that email address.

We will make an allowance for two (2) additional email address's from your IP.

Allowances will be made to SWC members only!


5)  You must be an active member at all times!   If your site doesn't

receive any votes for more then 2 weeks, and your not on LOA,

 then your site will be placed on "Hold" with a possible termination.




Posting Cheers


You must post your cheers before 10PM EST in order to receive credit!

Cheers posted between 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM EST will not be counted!




"SPIRIT PAGE" for Salem's Web Competition


Have you created a "Spirit Page" for Salem's Web Competition ?


If you have, please let us know by clicking on the email icon below.



Please provide the following information:

Your Name

Your Email Address

Your Website Title

Your Spirit Page Link


A notation will then be made on the Voting Page indicating that

you've created a "Spirit Page" and a link to that page will be provided.


Please note that "Spirit Pages" may not be combined with any other

web competition.  It must be dedicated only to Salem's Web Competition.




VE Board Memberships


If you belong to a VE Board and it is found that you are not voting at

that VE Board as you should, I will suspend your membership at

Salem's Web Competition.  Your requesting votes but you are not

returning them.  To me that is dishonest, and the votes you

receive you do not deserve.






1)   Please know that any winners of this Web Competition will only receive

graphic awards.  No cash prizes will be given out.


2)   If you win the Finals Level three (3) weeks in a row you will qualify to compete in

our next SWC Championship Tournament.  

SWC Championship Tournament runs June and December.

Retirement is required until the next SWC Championship Tournament

in order to give others a chance at winning.


3)   Should you win the SWC Championship Tournament you will receive a graphic

award and a personalized webset.


4)   Salem's Web Competition will not be held responsible for the content of our

members websites.  We do try to monitor these sites, but it's impossible to

keep track of all the pages and the constant changes.


5)   Salem's Web Competition has the right to refuse any website from

competing without cause.


6)   Salem's Web Competition has the right to suspend your membership

should you be found to be dishonest in any way while participating

with another Web Competition and/or VE Board.

Web Competitions and VE Boards do work together

to insure honest voting.


7)  Salem's Web Competition also has the right to suspend your membership

should it be found that you have been bashing others.  Lack of respect

towards members and/or fellow competitors, TL's and/or Owners of any

Web Competition and/or VE Board will not be tolerated. 

It is imperative that respect be shown to all.


8)   Salem's Web Competition cannot be held responsible for any lost

votes due to technical difficulties.


9)   Salem's Web Competition reserves the right to revise the rules without prior notice.




If you agree to the above rules you may fill in an application to

join Salem's Web Competition by clicking on the following link.








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