Rules and Job Descriptions








All assignments must be completed by the designated time/s.


If for some reason you are unable to complete your assignment/s, you must contact

Salem our Kitten Fairy Manager immediately.


If your assignments are not completed two (2) weeks in a row, you will be

relieved of your duties.


All graphics and materials are the sole property of Salem's Web Competition

and may not be used elsewhere or altered in any way.







Positions Available



Kitten Fairy


Our "Kitten Fairies" help to spread "Good Wishes" and "Cheer" thoughout our

Web Competition.


The duties of this position involve signing members Guestbooks.


  Kitten Fairies are also responsible for making sure that

each member has a linked SWC Banner on their website and

their email address listed.


If for some reason the member does not meet with those requirements,

you must report that to Salem our Kitten Fairy Manager immediately.


All graphics and wording will be furnished for you by SWC.  You need only to

copy/paste the necessary information in each Guestbook.


Most Guestbooks provide a preview of your posting, so please be sure to

check and make sure that your entry is correct and your graphic is showing.


Html knowledge is not required for this position but is helpful.









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