Voting Time is Monday Thru Thursday

 12:00 AM to 10:00 PM (EST)


Online Users:



Votes made between 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM will not be counted!

You may vote for as many websites as you wish each day using

a valid email address.

Only one (1) vote per IP address per website will be accepted.

IP addresses are recorded and will be checked.

Additional votes from the same IP address for the same website

will be classified as ballot stuffing and will be deleted.



The rules for Salem's Pet Photo Contest are the same as those for

Salem's Web Competition.


The only difference is that there will not be any cheering nor Spirit Pages

for the Pet Photo Contest.




Self-voting is required at all Levels and those "Self-Voting Requirements" are as follows:


Qualify ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.


Level 1 ~ Must self-vote at least 3 days.

Level 2 ~ Must self-vote at least 3 days.

Level 3 ~ Must self-vote at least 3 days.


Semi-Finals ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.

Finals ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.


Championship ~ Must self-vote all 4 days.


You must self-vote the number of days required for your level

in order to qualify for advancement to the next level.


If you do not self-vote the required number of days you will not advance

regardless of the number of votes you have acquired and will  be moved to Level 1.

If you are presently in Level 1 you will then be moved to the Qualifying Level.


Lack of voting for an entire week will result in your returning to the Qualifying Level.


 If you cannot vote on a certain day please advise Management as

to why, otherwise you will be classified as an inactive member.


Lack of self-voting shows lack of interest in the competition.


Repeat offenses to this rule may result in your removal from the competition.


Please be sure to check your scores daily.  If you've self-voted and have not

received credit, contact Management immediately so that any necessary

adjustments can be made.  Don't wait until the end of the week to notify us,

as the scores will not be revised at such a late date.









Monday, October 3rd thru Thursday, October 6th, 2016

























LEVEL CLOSED  ~   Awaiting additional pets!


Midnight ~ 1st Week Winner









Awaiting Pet Photo Contest Championship  


December 2016










June 14, 2012

June 6, 2016







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