Bingo is a game that is elegant in it's simplicity and it's even more fun to play

at home.  It's quick and easy to play on the computer.


The objective of the game of "Bingo" is to complete the game pattern on your

Bingo Card/s before any other player does. 


If you do have "Bingo" you will win a Personalized Bingo Graphic Award.


Each day two (2) numbers will be chosen at random by our computer. 


You will check the "Bingo Posting Board" daily to see if you have those

numbers on any of your Bingo Cards.  If so, you will then place a color on

that blocked number in order to determine your Bingo pattern.


The Basic Bingo Patterns are being used in this game.  Which means they are

straight lines in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction.  We will also

use the 4 corner method.  Samples of those patterns are listed below.


As soon as you have "Bingo" you must email me (Salem) immediately,

as the first email to come in, should there be a tie, will be counted first.

All emails are marked with time and date of submission.

You will need to send a copy of your "Bingo Card" to me (Salem) for

verification.  If you have "Bingo" and do not notify me (Salem) on the

date that your winning number was called, or shortly thereafter, the

next person to call Bingo will then be the next winner.


Normally when a person wins "Bingo" the game is completed. 

We shall do our game a little differently. 

The game will run until the first four (4) people claim Bingo. 


The very first person to obtain "Bingo" will be our 1st Place Winner.

We shall then continue playing, with the same cards, and the next

person to get "Bingo" will be our 2nd Place Winner and so on, until

we have four (4) winners.


Once we have four (4) winners the game will end and a new game

will start.


Please note, that each game will have different colored Bingo Cards.

You will not be able to use cards from a previous game.


When your winning card has been verified you may then pick-up your

Personalized Graphic Award on the Awards Page.



Basic Bingo Patterns





4 Corners



How To Mark Your Bingo Cards


When you find the number on your Bingo Card you need to mark it

so you may keep track of your pattern.


It's very easy to mark your card, however, you must remember in doing

so, that you cannot cover the number so that it can't be read.


You may open your Bingo Card in Paint Shop Pro or a similar program

and do the following:


Select Paint Brush

Select Shape:   Round   =  Size 30

Select Color  ~  I would suggest using a pastel color of your choice.

Then just paint the circle in.

Click ~ Save/Save As


That's all there is too it.


We do have "Bingo Markers" in tube form which may be used in PSP.

They are totally clear buttons and will not hide your number.

If you would like to use these markers, just let me know and I will

be happy to send you the tubes in a zip file.



Note:   It's good to keep the original card on file and make a duplicate

copy to mark, just in case a mistake is made when marking your card.

This way you always have the original to fall back on.






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  Graphics are owned by Salem unless otherwise stated.